Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning


Window cleaning in Idaho FallsWe offer full cleaning services for all carpet and upholstery carpet homes, businesses, and apartments. Couches, love seats, recliners, chairs, surfaces of mattresses, automobile upholstery, horse trailer dressing areas, camper trailer upholstery and beds are a small sample of what we can use our hot water extraction carpet cleaning on. We also offer spot cleaning on carpet and upholstery as well as minor water cleanup. If it has Carpet or Upholstery,We Can Clean It! We offer discounts to homeowners and busi­nesses that choose to have their cleaning needs met on an ongoing basis. From monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual intervals, we are happy to meet those requests! With scheduled service we provide you with a complementary bottle of Home Spotter for those small ‘in-between’ cleanings. We also offer after hour and specialty schedul­ing for businesses and homeowners that have challenging schedules to meet! Click HERE to see the entire Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Process.Call today for a FREE, No Obligation Estimate – (208) 228-5101

Hot Water Extraction on Tile and Concrete


Did you know that you can deep clean tile, grout, and concrete? Most of the time when we clean a hard surface we simply spread the contaminants across the surface with a mop or other cleaning tool. We dilute the soils to make everything ‘equally dirty’ so that it ‘looks good’ again. With hot water extraction on hard surfaces you can actually do a controlled pressure wash of the hard surface and extract the water as you go. This provides a very sanitary, deeper clean, and beautiful looking surface. We can even seal your grout or concrete when the job is completed. Once you deep clean tile or concrete, you will never take it off your list of surfaces to deep clean in your home!Click HERE to see the entire Hot Water Extraction on Tile and Concrete cleaning process.

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Commercial Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning


For environments that get heavy traffic, regular carpet cleaning is a must, but the time effort of regular Hot Water Extraction can be difficult. Encapsulation cleaning allows us to do a in-term cleaning that is mostly dry. We can do it more quickly, without delays because of damp carpet, and provide an exceptional clean. It is more aggressively priced than Hot Water Extraction and we give discounts for regular scheduled cleanings. Encapsulation Cleaning does not replace Hot Water Extraction, but it is a tool for extending the regularity of deep cleaning.Click HERE to see the entire Commercial Encapsulation Carpet cleaning process.

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Exterior House Cleaning


Do you have dirty siding, brick, or stucco on the outside of your home? Are some of those areas almost impos­sible to reach? We have special equipment for allowing us to reach almost every single inch of the exterior of your home with a pressure washer. We use the proper cleaners, at the correct pressure, to wash dirt and grime off your home. With regular use our chemicals can help reduce hard water build up on the surfaces of your house. We use hot water for a maximized cleaning effect and it leaves your home looking great! It also drys quicker, reducing the risk of additional dirt sticking to the wet surfaces!Call today for a FREE, No Obligation Estimate – (208) 228-5101

Window Washing


Washing Windows can be challenging, and in many cases Dangerous as well. We offer Window Cleaning Service on any height of window. An Exceptional Hard Water Cleanup Program. Both Interior/Exterior and Exterior Only Services. We Also offer Scheduling for Businesses and Homes on a pre-defined basis so your windows are cleaned regularly. You get peace of mind knowing the windows are clean, and a discount for having a continuing service!Call today for a FREE, No Obligation Estimate – (208) 228-5101

Blind Cleaning


Blinds attract dust because their surface area and are in areas of the home where dust enters when windows are opened. Blinds are very challenging to clean because of all this surface area, and the strings that holds the blinds together. Our Blind Cleaning Service uses proprietary methods to clean your blinds quickly, without damaging them. Even with clean windows, dirty blinds will make the rest of the room feel dirty. It is quick, painless, and less expensive than you would think!Call today for a FREE, No Obligation Estimate – (208) 228-5101

Rain Gutter Cleaning


Our Rain Gutter Service is a great advantage for our customers that live in areas that have many trees. Also over time homes with Asphalt shingles will shed sand off the shingles. This builds up and makes it difficult for water to flow, which adds weight to the gutter and causes them to start pulling away from the home.With our Gutter service we Pressure Wash the Inside and outside of the Rain Gutter. We run large volumes of water through the ‘Down Spouts’ and direct that water to the grass areas to not disturb any landscaping elements. This leaves the gutters clean and without restriction to flow.Rain Gutter Cleaning is Messy. It is required that you do Exterior Whole House Cleaning with the Rain Gutter Cleaning to clean the areas of the house that have been made dirty from the debris in the Rain Gutters.

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